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Contentmart.com-Setting High Standards for Content Writing services in India

Contentmart.com has some very imposing features unlike your everyday Indian Freelance Writing website. Let us take a look at what truly sets Contentmart.com apart:

  1. An eye-appealing Homepage:

The most striking feature of Contentmart is its attractive homepage that is well designed and cuts to the chase unlike other sites that look cluttered and unattractive. This organized homepage is what has done half the work in attracting potential writers and clients. Once you have logged in, you will see a clear-cut, crisp page that gives pin-point directions on your next course of action.


  1. User-friendly Messaging interface:

The messaging interface of Contentmart has got to be its best and most efficient feature with a simple and robust design. Attachments can be easily exchanged between clients and writers in many different formats like .docx, .xlsx, .pdf etc.

  1. High Regard to Account Security:

Contentmart has taken necessary steps to ensure client and writer protection by disallowing communication outside their interface. This is actually a brilliant step because not only does it ensure that writers are duly paid for their services, it also prevents clients from having to pay for plagiarised or sub-standard content. The website imposes an immediate account ban for sharing personal or contact information like phone numbers and Email addresses. Every single order and every single interaction is monitored closely by the Contentmart team in order to ensure a professional give and take of service.

  1. A pretty straightforward Wallet:

A wallet indicates the amount of money that you have added or earned, a ‘writers’ button lets you go through a large selection of writers. There is also a new order button that lets you post your requirements, the number of words, set a deadline and the price for your order. Contentmart has a simple wallet, powered and protected by Norton to facilitate safe deposits and withdrawals.

  1. The Choicest Writers:

Writer’s abilities are rated by clients and are purely based on past orders. Writers will place bids and put forth a price that seems most appropriate. Writers on Contentmart are allowed to place unlimited bids as long as they do not have more than 4 orders in progress assigned to them. Once writers have placed bids with their preferred price, the client has the liberty to go through each candidate carefully, considering their experience, ratings and past order reviews. New writers are given an equal opportunity by Contentmart to compete with their experienced peers so that there is no stagnation of skills. Contentmart has helped thousands of aspiring Freelancers in India to obtain firm ground in the field of Freelance Content Writing and to acquire new skills. Clients are also rated by writers and are provided feedback on the overall experience of working with them.



Tips to Completing Plus Size Outfit

Improve any outfit with the addition of suitable accessories.

  • Find pretty jewelry to match your style. Avoid pieces that are too small or dainty; they give the appearance of being out of proportion.

  • Shoes are something you can fit into at a traditional department store. Look for comfortable pairs that offer a pop of color or pattern to enhance your outfits.

  • Try something new; a belt around the waist highlights an hourglass figure, while a scarf or headband will frame your face.

Styling your hair is a great way to flatter your form.

  • Keep your locks tamed and styled to add sophistication to your look.
  • Long hair is flattering no matter your size. If you want to elongate your body, try growing your strands to a length a bit longer than your shoulders.
  • To show off your upper body, cut your hair in a bob or pixie. These will frame your face and allow for viewing your collar bones, shoulders, and chest.

  • Layers are always a good option for keeping hair from falling flat. Limp hair will make you seem larger than you are. To avoid this, cut your hair at several different lengths to add volume.


Keep your face looking its finest, as it is the focus of your body.

  • Maintain the health of your skin by washing your face twice-daily and moisturizing regularly
  • A light coat of makeup is appropriate for a day-time look. Sweep on a little concealer, blush, mascara, and lip balm for a pretty natural look.

  • To enhance your makeup routine for a special event, try a vintage-inspired cat eye, a bit of red or berry lipstick, or a new glamorous hue of eyeshadow.


  • Keep a balance; don’t wear heavy eyeshadow and bold lip rouge. Instead, focus on either your eyes or your lips.

Plus Size Exercise

Are You Overweight?

Being obese and being overweight are two different things. What doctors use to determine which one you are involves your Body Mass Index (BMI). To calculate your BMI you divide your body weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared.

A BMI between 25 and 29 is considered overweight and a BMI greater than 30 is considered obese. If your BMI is 30 or greater, see your doctor and get a check-up before you start exercising or dieting.

Getting Started

If you’re taking medication, find out how to monitor yourself since some heart or blood pressure medications can affect your heart rate. Make sure you get details from the doc about exactly what you can and can’t do. If you’ve never exercised, the last thing you want to do is hurt yourself by doing too much too soon.

Once you’ve gotten the okay to exercise and you’ve started educating yourself on exactly what to do, it’s time to tackle the most pressing issues. You need to figure out where to workout, what to wear and how to establish an accessible and comfortable exercise routine.

Where to Exercise

The Gym – If you’re overweight, you may be hesitant to join a gym. Walking into a club for the first time can be intimidating, but there are some good reasons to consider it. You’ll have access personal trainers who can help you get started the right way and you also have access to workout machines and aerobics classes, which can make exercise a easier.

At Home – Another option is to set up an exercise program at home. Begin with a walking program either outside or on a treadmill or some other cardio machine for your home. You can also try a workout video for plus sized exercisers such as Walking Fit and Fabulous or Heavy Weight Yoga. This strength training workout offers seated exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

What to Wear

It can be difficult to find plus sized workout clothes, but the fashion industry is getting a clue about people who aren’t size zero and need clothes that fit. Aside from looking around in your neighborhood malls, surf the web a bit and see what’s out there. aBigAttitude.com says, “Fashion is not a size, it’s an attitude and Fitness is not a size, it’s an attitude.” You’ll find great information about diet and exercise, plus a list of places to find workout clothes.

Comfort should be your number one goal. Buy quality items that will make it through daily or weekly washings. Don’t forget to buy the proper shoes for your exercise program. If you’re going to be walking, you’ll want a good pair of walking shoes or even running shoes to provide cushioning and support. Make sure the shoes feel good when you put them on and that you have a wide enough toe box to keep movement comfortable.

Plus Size Bride Tips

You Do Not Have To Lose Weight

Say it with me three times, “I do not have to lose weight for my wedding. I do not have to lose weight for my wedding. I do not have to lose weight for my wedding.”

You really, really don’t.

plus size dresses for wedding guest

Try this. Take an informal poll of your friends who intentionally lost weight before their wedding and those who didn’t. I can almost guarantee you that the ones who didn’t try to lose weight had more fun leading up to the wedding and enjoyed their wedding day more.

Practice Enjoying Being The Center Of Attention

When you first get engaged, things can feel very weird. All of a sudden, random acquaintances are yelling, “Let me see the ring!” and doling out advice about what your wedding colors should be and where you should go on your honeymoon.

People who seemingly had little interest in you suddenly want to know details about a wedding that you hadn’t even thought about. Closer friends and family are excited for you too and may already be thinking about your engagement party, shower, and bachelorette party. (Not that you have to do any of that, but you may feel pressure to do all of it.)




Set Boundaries

Getting married is like an adventure in boundary-setting. You may need to set boundaries with friends, relatives, vendors, etc. about your weight, your time, and a gazillion other things.

It’s really okay to say to people in your life that they can’t talk about your weight. It’s really okay to say to your mother-in-law-to-be, for example, that you’re not losing weight for the wedding and that you don’t want to discuss it with her. It’s really okay to tell your bridal gown vendor that you want your gown to be comfortable and that you need her to order a size bigger (if possible) rather than smaller, just in case. It’s okay to tell your make-up person, if you have one, that you don’t need your double chin contoured (unless you want to). All of it is really okay.

How to choose formal dress for plus size women

1. Where will I wear this dress?

Are you attending a wedding or going to a gala or a special evening engagement? Pick a dress that you will wear more than once. One that will work well in almost all formal occasions as well as classic looking and stylish.

2. What are the features that I want to highlight?
What are your body’s best assets? Does your friends frequently tell you how they love your ……. (insert your own word)? Answer this and you will know where to emphasize.

3. What are the flaws that I want to hide?
Do you have broad shoulders? Thick waist? Large hips? Short legs? Bulgy stomach? Large busts? If you know your flaws and strength you can work around them. Which brings us to the next point.

4. Which silhouette, necklines and waistlines are best for me?

Arm with all the facts above, it’s now time to choose the best dress with the clever use of silhouette, neckline and waistline factors to emphasize your features and de-emphasize your flaws.


5. Which fabric and color to choose?

When it comes to fabric, choose one that is flowing, smooth and drapes around the body like silk or satin. Don’t go for heavily embellished dress as it gives heavy illusion to the wearer.

We all know black and dark colors are slimming and hides unflattering parts. There is no harm in choosing other colors like blue, yellow, orange, red, green or pink as long as you stick with darker shades. You could amp it up with printed dress or patterned dress.


6. How do I choose the right dress size?

Instead of choosing the right dress size, go with body measurement. Body measurements will never lie. Let a professional seamstress help you with your body measurements and opt for tailor made dress.


Plus size woman Healthy tips

Stay active to keep your body in tip-top condition
  • Exercise is one of three natural means of releasing endorphins in your body. Those happy-hormones are what cause feelings of satisfaction after getting outdoors and getting your body moving.

  • Don’t work-out with the intent of losing weight. Instead, focus on activities that you enjoy doing.
  • Try new activities to keep yourself in shape. Horseback riding, swimming, skiing, and rowing are all fun and interesting ways to get your muscles in motion.

Eat well, to feel fulfilled and satisfied.
  • Similar to exercising, don’t eat with the intention of losing weight. Diets are a sure-fire means of making yourself feel bitter about your appearance, and make you gain weight in the long-run.

  • Take the time to cook good meals. There are tons of easy-to-follow recipes out there that are healthful as well.
  • Don’t cut foods out from your diet, instead consume them in moderation.
  • Spoil yourself every once in a while!
Take care of you mental health; it is equally as important as your physical condition.
  • Do things that make you happy, even if they seem unimportant. Sing, make art, go for walks; find all those little things that make your day enjoyable and do them.

  • Avoid people and places that cause bitterness or negativity
  • Compliment yourself consistently. Negative self-talk is a major source of anxiety and bitterness towards your body. Make a list of your assets, and focus on those on a daily basis.

Ways To Get Plus Size Confidence

The first thing that a woman needs to feel beautiful and powerful is kindness. Thats mean being nice to people and looking at things in a positive light. If a woman is negative, she’ll usually have a frown on her face, which isn’t very attractive to others. On the other hand, when someone has a kind spirit, you can see it in the glow on her face and in her eyes.

A sense of humor is something that can make a woman feel more confident. It’s always good to look at the funny side of life or to find humor in mundane things. If you can’t think of something every day that’s funny, seek the laugh out.

Every woman has something that she is good at no matter what it is. To that end, she should spend time nurturing her talents and skills. This goes a long way in building up a person’s confidence, and in making you seem more beautiful from the inside out. When you talk about the things that you are passionate about or that you’re interested in, you inevitably have a different energy and a twinkle your eyes that is very attractive. Don’t focus so much on your current state, invest time in creating the person you want to become.

One more tip to help develop plus size confidence is not to sweat the small stuff. It might sound cliche, because it is, but there are many things in life that people, particularly women worry about that at the end of the day simply aren’t that important. Every day is a new day to start over. Instead of wasting time and energy worrying about the past, accept that you can’t change the past, and then work on your future with intention to create the tomorrow you really want. I want to give you permission to stop apologizing for wherever you are in life and let the bolder, more confident you come out to play.

Outfit Tips for Plus Size

Start your outfit by laying a solid foundation of proper-fitting undergarments.

  • Well fitting bras and panties are a must to avoid awkward lumps and bumps under clothing. Take the time to get measured at a specialty store to get under garments tailored to your shape.
  • Try shape-wear for under skirts, dresses, and blouses to smooth your stomach and thighs. Many offer variations of camisoles and shorts to fit your needs.

  • Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself with a pretty lacy bra or pair of panties. Feel confident about what you have on underneath it all.

To create variation with simplicity, keep a stock of basic wardrobe essentials on hand.

  • Outfit yourself with at least one pair of good fitting jeans, simple t-shirts, button-up blouses, a pretty skirt, and a few plain cardigans.
  • Solid colors and low-maintenance patterns are good to have in any style of clothing, and are flattering to all wearers.

  • Layering creates interest and is easy to do. Top off any outfit with a simple sweater or jacket for added depth.

Don’t be afraid of color in your closet.

  • Black is the most slimming of shades, but don’t rely on it too much. Find clothing in colors you prefer, no matter the hue.
  • Often time’s plus-sized women are warned of the woes of wearing white; ignore that! White can be flattering to any size woman when worn in a flattering style.

  • Don’t hide under dull colors. Just because a color may be dark or smoggy doesn’t mean it makes you look smaller; contrariwise, bright colors don’t necessarily make you stand out or appear larger.

Clothing should mirror your shape; avoid anything too tight or too loose.

  • Shapeless clothing is exactly that – shapeless. Don’t wear loose-fitting clothing to try to hide your body. The baggy layers will end up making you appear larger.

  • Your clothes should fit your body, but not cling. Anything too tight will accentuate any unflattering bumps you may have.
  • Search for clothing with ruching and wrapping-patterns. These will fashionably cover up any problem areas you may be concerned about.\

  • Tailors are an oft-forgotten but incredibly handy tool. Don’t be afraid to take an article of clothing you love and get it altered to better fit your shape.